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Walk-in Closet

Looking to create a walk-in closet?

A walk-in closet is common with most master bedrooms. These areas provide more space than your smaller bedroom closets, giving you more creative flexibility. This means you have more options to consider, such as drawers, shoe shelving, hampers, and other accessories. Our team has been designing walk-in closet organizers for over 20+ years. We offer an efficient layout that provides plenty of room for your belongings, plus numerous finishes and styles to compliment your home.

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  • Custom walk-in closet
    Custom walk-in closet with peninsula cabinet.
  1. Custom Walk-in Closet Green Bay, Appleton, Door County, Northeast Wisconsin
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  3. Walk-in Closet Green Bay, Appleton, Door County, Northeast Wisconsin
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Walk-in closet design ideas.

Browse our list of closet accessories and wood finishes to get started. Or check out some of these design ideas…

Include drawers in your system to store away socks and undergarments or any collection of items you want to hide away.

Include tie racks, belt racks, and other pull out components to easily organize clothing accessories.

Add a center island or peninsula to provide counter top space and add dimension to your room.

Add molding or decorative trim to provide a more finished look and add dimension to your room

A built in laundry hamper is a convenient way to store dirty clothes, keeping them out of sight in your bedroom.

Hang tomorrow’s clothes on valet rods so you won’t have to worry about it in the morning.

Fill in empty space by adding benches, shoe cubbies, or separate shelving pieces while adding more storage.