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Reach-in Closet

Building or remodeling a reach-in closet?

A reach-in closet is a standard for most bedrooms apart from the master. It’s called reach-in (opposed to walk-in) since everything in the closet is within “reach”. Given smaller space, these closet often need a bit more creativity to store everything you need efficiently. Thankfully, with over 20+ years of experience designing and manufacturing organization systems, this will hardly be a problem for you.

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Reach-in Closet Design Ideas

Browse our list of closet accessories and wood finishes to get started. Or check out some of these design ideas…

• Include drawers in your system to store away socks and undergarments or any collection of items to hide away

• Include tie racks, belt racks, and other pull out components to easily organize clothing accessories.

• A built in laundry hamper is a convenient way to store dirty clothes, keeping them out of sight in your bedroom.

• Valet rods pull out of your system to hang clothes for deciding what to wear so you don’t have to worry about it the next morning.

Looking to make the most of your reach-in closet? Drop down panels and drawers to the floor for a better look and added space to your system.